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1848 Tattoo
Our Story, Our Dream

We are a husband & wife who wanted to change what it meant to be a tattoo artist.


With a rapidly growing demographic of new clientele we saw an opportunity to become something different, something that's.... not your mother's tattoo parlor ... But a studio that's fit for the entire family. 


We see that the worlds changing, and that tattoos are no longer just for a select few individuals Those days are in the past. With each new generation from 1870 when Martin Hilderbrandt opened the first tattoo shop in America, we've continued to remove more and more of the stigma associated with the tattoo industry. 

We pride ourselves on cleanliness, comfort and most importantly client satisfaction! We understand the importance of even the smallest personal details and are happy to help you create custom designs instead of just "picking off the wall".  Our years of combined experience help make your tattoo designs become a reality!! 


Our studio is appointment only, offering a large private off grid space, planned and developed with the clients privacy & comfortability in mind. The studio has a 25 ft ceiling, lots of natural lighting and a personal favorite amongst clients is the sound of salmon falls River. Our lounge area offers two leather loveseats, glass coffee table, 50" TV with Hulu, Netflix, and Peacock. We also have a mini fridge stocked with water and sodas for customer to enjoy. The lounge area seats four adults and is completely separated from the artists work space and can be curtained off for clients privacy.  


My wife and I are proud to be a part of the generation that finally removes the taboo from tattoo!! 

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